Yoga Poses For Remove Dark Circles

Eyes are the most attractive feature.Your skin around then eye is more sensitive rest of other parts of body.Skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate  Dark Circles problem are mainly for woman.Now a days mostly woman have the problem under eye dry circle,which is a big hindrance in beauty.Woman use many type of cosmetics to get rid of them.


Causes of Dark Circles:– Lack of certain vitamins and minerals are mainly cause the dark circles.excessive stress and lack of sleep is also leads to dark circles.certain yoga poses are very useful to treatment in dark circles. Yoga asanas or poses like the Sirshasana or the headstand, Kapalbhati or the breath of fire, Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand are all excellent for the treatment of dark circles.

Lion Pose:-


First sit in varjasan Pose.Now fold your knees and rest your hips on the heels of legs,keep back upright.Now take a breath slowly and release breath.Pop out your eyes and widen your mouth as much as possible with your tongue out as far as you can and teeth  protrubing. Hold this pose 60 seconds and release.

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