Yoga For Protect Your Hair Fall

Hair Fall is a lose of hair from the head.Illness, pregnancy, and other factors all play a role in hair loss. Mainly Girls take a tension about hair fall.They use many hair fall shampoos,oil,drugs,take a parlour treatments etc but no good results.Actually hair fall is a natural we have to protect this from natural way also. We can protect our hair fall with some yoga poses.When  we follow these some effective workout then we can protect our hair fall easily.


Rubbing Nails:-



It is simple and most effective.You can do this any time when you feel free.You can do this yoga either standing position or sitting. Fold the fingers and brings the nail of both your hands contact with each other and start rubbing except the thumbnail.keep rubbing your nails between 5-10 minutes.You can see a good results from this yoga.

Rabbit Pose:-


Sit in the varjasana pose and then stand on the knees .Get the head on the floor and put both hands at the back.hold this position until 5 breaths.

Camel Pose :-


Sit in the varajasana pose ,stand on the knees.Now bend your body backward and hold your heels with hands .As you bend your spine, also move your face upwards and try looking at the upper surface of the room.