Yoga poses For Glowing skin

Do you wish that you have a glowing skin?? Hmmmm,Who don’t want glowing skin?We all want to look beautiful,glowing,fairy.Tensions,Pressure of work,lack of diet,not to do workout and other factors play a good role to make a dull skin.Here Some effective workout we can get a glowing skin.



Breathing is the best way to get a glowing skin.Sit cross legged on the floor .Close your eyes ,feel relax now take a deep breath now hold your breath and release breath .Repeat this exercise around 5-10 times.

Bow Pose:-


Lie down on your belly.Bend your knees and try to hold a ankle with hands.As you pull your ankle then automatically your upper body rises.Keep your breath normally.Reapeat this exercise 5-10 times.

Plough Pose:-


Lie Down straight on the mat.Slowly slowly lift your legs up.To make it easier to lift up your legs, push the floor with your hands. Relax and breathe normally.Bring your legs toward your upper body and lift your hips above the floor.Keep lifting your legs and take it beyond your head and with your toes, touch the floor beyond your head.Lift your back even more till only your shoulders and your head are resting on the floor.Your elbows should be on the ground. Breathe as normal.Stay in this pose for 15 to 30 seconds and then return back to normal position.