Yoga Poses For Remove Dark Circles

Eyes are the most attractive feature.Your skin around then eye is more sensitive rest of other parts of body.Skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate  Dark Circles problem are mainly for woman.Now a days mostly woman have the problem under eye dry circle,which is a big hindrance in beauty.Woman use many type of cosmetics to get rid of them.


Causes of Dark Circles:– Lack of certain vitamins and minerals are mainly cause the dark circles.excessive stress and lack of sleep is also leads to dark circles.certain yoga poses are very useful to treatment in dark circles. Yoga asanas or poses like the Sirshasana or the headstand, Kapalbhati or the breath of fire, Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand are all excellent for the treatment of dark circles.

Lion Pose:-


First sit in varjasan Pose.Now fold your knees and rest your hips on the heels of legs,keep back upright.Now take a breath slowly and release breath.Pop out your eyes and widen your mouth as much as possible with your tongue out as far as you can and teeth  protrubing. Hold this pose 60 seconds and release.

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Yoga For Protect Your Hair Fall

Hair Fall is a lose of hair from the head.Illness, pregnancy, and other factors all play a role in hair loss. Mainly Girls take a tension about hair fall.They use many hair fall shampoos,oil,drugs,take a parlour treatments etc but no good results.Actually hair fall is a natural we have to protect this from natural way also. We can protect our hair fall with some yoga poses.When  we follow these some effective workout then we can protect our hair fall easily.


Rubbing Nails:-



It is simple and most effective.You can do this any time when you feel free.You can do this yoga either standing position or sitting. Fold the fingers and brings the nail of both your hands contact with each other and start rubbing except the thumbnail.keep rubbing your nails between 5-10 minutes.You can see a good results from this yoga.

Rabbit Pose:-


Sit in the varjasana pose and then stand on the knees .Get the head on the floor and put both hands at the back.hold this position until 5 breaths.

Camel Pose :-


Sit in the varajasana pose ,stand on the knees.Now bend your body backward and hold your heels with hands .As you bend your spine, also move your face upwards and try looking at the upper surface of the room.


Various Yoga that helps to keep Diabetes under control

Mostly Common Disease basically is a coronic condition due to abnormal high level of sugar in the blood.Bad results from deffects in insulin secreation or its action or both.

Normally Blood Glucose levels are highly controlled by insulin ,a harmon produced by the eancreas. Insulin lowers the blood glucose level when the blood glucose elevates insulin is released from the pancreas to normalized the glucose level. In patient with diabetes the absence of inefficient production of or lack of response to insulin causes hyperglycemia.

Many Diseases including diabetes can be used from various workout routine or  yoga.Yoga is one such ancient major to effectively control blood sugar level.Regular yoga practice can help reduce the level of sugar in the blood lowering BP ,keeping ourselves fit and reducing the severity of the symptoms of any disease.

Pranayam:–  Pranayam is best way to improve circulation Breathing in and out helps to improve in your blood circulation.


Just sit on the floor with cross legged .Now stretch you back ,Keep Chin Straight.Keep your hands on your knees and close your eyes.Take a breath in deep and hold your breath and then breath out.Repeat this exercise 5-10 times .You can see changes in your blood circulation.

Vajrasana:– Vajrasana is a simple pose but most effective pose.It is great to improve your digestion and relax the mind.It is suggested you to do this after eat.If you did this then you can also reduce a weight. Because all extra cholesterol,calaries will be melt with this pose.


Just sit on  the floor or bed. Fold your knee and top surface of your feet touch the floor or bed.Now place your palms our your knees close your ayes and breath deeply.

Gomukhasana Pose:-– Cow head Pose helps to strengthen the liver, kidneys and respiratory system .This pose is ideally done while putting all your weight on your knees. But if you suffer from severe arthritis, you can sit in padmasana to do this pose.


Sit on floor in padmasan pose.One leg put on another leg.Erect your upper body and your knees take all weight of your body.Now take your right hand and bend youe elbow and palce it behind your back.Take your left hand above and try to touch with right hand.The aim of this asana is for you to be able to hold your hands behind your back